What will take place during the event?

The Golfdom Summit is centered on scheduled meetings between attending superintendents and sponsors, and peer exchange sessions and daily networking activities will also be featured

How can I request a 1:1 meeting?

As the event approaches and we have solidified the attendee list, you will be contacted and asked to place the attendees into two categories. Category A will be your top choices, the superintendents you most desire to meet, category B will be superintendents that you may like to meet with, but you could forego a meeting without negative consequences.

What can I expect from the 1:1 meetings?

This unique format allows for a much more relaxed and comfortable encounter than trying to track somebody down on a tradeshow floor. The superintendent is focused on your product solution and also shortens your sales cycle by communicating face-to-face with senior decision makers with purchasing authority.

How many additional add–ons can my company purchase?

There is no limit to how many optional add-ons a sponsor can purchase. Golfdom is committed to helping our sponsors craft the exact Golfdom Summit experience to suit their business needs, and are more than happy to discuss the add-on options in detail with our sponsors.

What is the minimum maintenance budget the superintendents must have to attend this event?

We typically will not invite any superintendents with a maintenance budget of less than $750k, and we routinely have superintendents with budgets in excess of $2M.  The attendees at the Golfdom Summit have real buying power!

Welcome to Golfdom Summit for Superintendents